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Production Guarantee

Hexin company strictly controls the raw material, production procedure, product inspection,finished product, and carries out
dynamic monitoring on the capsule production, and Strictly implement GMP standard.
  • Advanced Production Equipment

    Equipped with advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, QA participates in the quality control of the production process throughout the process, and QC operates in strict accordance with the regulations of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

    The production workshop is designed and constructed in strict accordance with GMP standards. The 100,000-level clean workshop adopts fully enclosed central air-conditioning, constant temperature, constant humidity, and clean production.

  • Quality Assurance

    The technical testing center is equipped with cutting-edge testing instruments to ensure the accuracy and authority of the test results.

Supplier Display

Printing Technolgy

Tailored For You

The printing on the surface of capsule is made by advanced dual-track printing equipment and nationally certified medicinal ink. We can perform single-color or double-color, axial, circular and directional printing according to the text patterns provided by customers.